Dots Game Review


Since as far back as history can remember people have occupied themselves with games. Before video games were a thing, people enjoyed board games, and before board games started getting popular there were some very basic games that were enjoyed. Chess, for example, dates back as far as anyone can remember and could be one of the oldest games in history.

Then there are some more obscure games such as Egyptian Megiddo. The one key thing about all of these games is that they can be played without expensive pieces, with boards drawn in the dirty and substitute pieces in place of expensive carved ones.

That was the key to most ancient games: they must be brilliant in their own simplicity to allow anybody to play it. And most of these games live on to be cherished pastimes of bored children or thinking adults, depending on the context. One such game, Dots, is an age old classic that everybody should have enjoyed at some point. And now it’s in flash form, with a fairly intuitive script running the computer opponent in the single player version. It makes the game of Dots available to anyone with a computer, even if they don’t have two players.


Dots is a very simple multiplayer puzzle game that challenges the players to think carefully on their moves. A slight slip can end up throwing the entire game, so once the labyrinth has been created it’s all about precision movement and carefully calculating gain versus loss.

There is much more to this game than one would think just by playing it, however it can simply be enjoyed without much cognitive thought thrown into it as well. All in all Dots can be a great challenge between friends and a quick game to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who think they can handle it.

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Guts n Glory Game Review

Guts n Glory Game Review

During a normal game of hide and seek, something went wrong capturing you inside strange cosmic areas! Team up with your best buddy and try to fight your way out of this 2 players action game!

Bad Ice-Cream Game Review

Bad Ice-Cream is another great flash game from hit producer Nitrome, famous for other flash-based video games like Turnament and Thin Ice. From the start screen where “Click to Lick” is flashing on the bottom, you know you are in for a humorous treat. It might not leave the same taste in your mouth as your favorite kind of ice cream, but there’s nothing especially bad about Bad Ice-Cream.

If you like Nitrome’s other flash games (which you probably do since they’ve been successfully producing them for more than 10 years) you’re going to love Bad Ice-Cream. It’s a fun game that’s enjoyable to play, which is more than can be said for many other flash games.

Another Nitrome game, Flightless, is up for nomination to be included on Steam. That’s a gaming platform where developers can make money selling their games to people who can then play those games on any computer, anywhere in the world. It’s pretty neat and if that does well, maybe you’ll be able to play bad ice cream on Steam too someday.

Is ice cream bad for you? It might be. Is Bad Ice-Cream bad for you? Thousands of happy gamers would tell you no, it isn’t. The game is based on two ice cream cones running around and collecting fruit for some unknown purpose. It’s clear that picking it all up gets a win and moves the player(s) to the next level though. Remind anyone of Bomberman?

The Bad Ice Cream game is fairly easy to learn. Using the keyboard to play and manipulate the character, you blow ice blocks to stop enemies and create safe paths for you to go and pick up the fruit you need for a victory. If four buttons to move around and one other button to shoot is too complicated for you, Bad Ice-Cream isn’t going to be your kind of game.

Really, no flash game is going to be your kind of game if this is difficult to learn. You might as well forget about Cat Warriors 2 or Bomb It. That’s because it’s just so easy to pick up and master! Even if you’re lactose intolerant and would never touch a scoop of ice cream in your life, this game is still plenty of fun. The music and gameplay together create quite a hook and will get your attention and keep it, if you let them.


With different enemies to figure out how to beat, many kinds of fruit to collect and a kind of competitive edge when playing with (or against) another player, Bad Ice Cream gives you an awful lot while asking for nothing in return.

It’s really the perfect, free flash game if you’re into the block-destroying of games like Bombit, Bombit 2, Bombit 3 or any other similar title. The game gets more difficult every round and it would be an accomplishment to get past the 50th and final level.

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Olympic Games Game Review

Olympic Games Game Review

Olympic Games game review

The Olympic Games in flash world has started! You have been chosen to represent your country at the most challenging shooting event. Grab the rifle and enjoy testing your skills against the CPU or some of your best friends.

Bom Beat Battle Game Review

Bom Beat Battle Game Review

Bom Beat Battle game review

Bom Beat Battle is a unique fighting game where all attacks and action moves are actually made with help of the music beat. As notes passes you must instantly press the right corresponding key. The better you play the beat, the more damage your fighter will do.

Play Vertical Drop Heroes

Play Vertical Drop Heroes

In Vertical Drop Heroes, you move downwards as you rescue characters along the way. By rescuing these characters, you gain their abilities. Use these abilities to kill enemies. The game is basing heavily on D&D archetypes with all the archers, wizards and barbarians stereotypes. Indeed, we’ve seen games like these before, but truthfully, we’ve never seen a game like this before.

Play Territory War and Throw Things Everyday!


Territory War Game Review

Territory War is a game of throwing things. Basically, you’re hurling grenades at targets, through rings and into other people, trying to blow all of it to smithereens. It is reminiscent of the archery games on which require the player stay still while changing aim with the keyboard.

At least that’s how it is during the challenges which test the player to perform certain tasks under strict conditions. Territory War is also a lot like the Worms franchise, as you’ll discover if you just give it a try. Two teams of players go up against each other in a battle to the death over control of an island or other installation. It’s a bloody good time.


A host of different environments, different ways to kill each other and different difficulties make Territory War one of the best flash games around. Because it’s so popular, you can find it almost anywhere you usually look for other flash games. While there is no online capability for the game, multiplayer mode with a friend at your house is still plenty of fun.

If you like the games from the Worms series like Worms: World Party and Worms 2000, you’re absolutely going to love Territory War, which delivers much of the same gameplay with none of the same price. Give it a try and see for yourself.


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Play Ultraman 5 at

If you’re looking for an afternoon of beating on baddies but you don’t want to pay for it, Ultraman 5 is one of many good ways for you to get your fix, free of charge. The battles are truly larger than life and you’ll feel like you’ve really done something after trudging through boss monster after boss monster to hit the game’s end.

For Godzilla fans, regardless of the movie(s)   or game(s) they like, will all get a kick out of Ultraman 5. If you happened to like the other Ultraman games or similar stuff like King of the Monsters, there’s no way you can’t try this one out. It promises a free, good time, something most video games don’t.

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Street Fighter II Flash

Street Fighter II Flash

While Street Fighter is still a very strong series, with the most recent installment crossing over to take on Megaman characters, finding a neat little game like Street Fighter II Flash can give you the enjoyment of old school Street Fighter without forcing you to go buy an older system and the games themselves, or investing a lot of time into a console release.

It’s unfortunate it doesn’t have a single player mode, but when two people get together they can have a real blast.

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